First Week Reflections from Mr. Martinson ~ 9/8/17

What an amazing group of kids and families!  A school just doesn’t feel right without all the kids in and around it.  Many smiling faces, a few tears (mostly parents), and lots of friends seeing each other for the first time in months.  Here are just a few items I found worth sharing, I set aside a bit of time today to catch up on emails and write this quick note, not in any particular order, and if you see underlined words, you can click them for more information:

  • Recess Circle Up:  this school year we are starting each recess block by circling up the children.  We go over some last minute reminders before they are off to play.  Only a couple minutes, then we close with a Thunder Clap.
  • SeeSaw, if you haven’t signed up yet you may want to do that sooner rather than later.  As the year moves forwards we’ll use that more and more to share what your children are doing and this year it also allows us to message you directly.
  • Supply Lists: A reminder that there was an item listing a “$5 donation to be used for Scholastic News“.  Please consider making a donation to the school to help us offset those costs.  The total cost this year is a little under $2,400, about $6 per child, so even iff every child were to donate $5 we would still fall short.  This year each student in grades K-3 receives Scholastic News (and Science Spin) while 4th graders receive Time for Kids.
  • Visitor check ins: as mentioned in opening mailings each visitor is to check in with a government issued ID at the main office.  This greatly helps us keep track of who is in the building during the day.
  • Pickup and Drop off:  I have to thank all of you, the first week was great!  It’s really helped the flow of traffic to continue to keep the front portion open for those just dropping off and for those picking up at the end of the day.
  • Weather:  “when in doubt, we go out”.  This is our mantra for recess.  Have kids dress appropriately for the weather.  Two thoughts from today: my first grader asked me what the weather was going to be, then he dressed for the chilly temperature.  The kids can do it.  Second, I overheard some of our Second Graders getting ready to go out “I don’t need a coat but I’m going to bring it anyway.”.  Brilliant, they are right, if you aren’t sure bring it out, you can always take it off.
  • Lunch Menus:  copies are always online through the district website,
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Forms:  even if you aren’t sure that you’ll qualify, and even if you don’t want the reduced price… please fill these out as they also help our school by qualifying for more federal funding to help our kids:
  • Nurse Glenda ( could still use extra stretchy kid sized pants or sweats.  She could also use volunteers for the hearing and vision screening day on 10/10/17 (volunteer packets needed).
  • Flu Clinic 10/10/17, more info will be coming home later.
  • Last one then I’m off to the next task:  please remember to update and turn in Emergency Sheets ASAP.


Sean Martinson
Dad to Four Amazing Kids
Principal – Murphy Elementary School

If you are looking for a prompt response, I strongly encourage you to speak to me in person.  Email is great for documentation and items that can wait.  My direct cell phone number is: 218-259-3129

B.S. Elementary Education
M.S. Educational Leadership & Technology
Licensed Minnesota K-12 Principal and K-12 Superintendent

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