Soft Lock Down at Cohasset

The following information is for families at Cohasset about a soft lock down we held today.

There was an individual spotted by two staff members.  Each reported the individual to be acting in a suspicious manner walking along the outside of our east fence.  The two notified the office and we called a soft lock down.

A soft lock down is where we lock all our outside doors, close all the shades, and try to keep kids in their classrooms as much as possible.  We go about our regular schedule using the bathroom and going to specials like gym, music, and media center, but we do stay in our rooms the rest of the time.

We take any information about the safety of our students seriously.  It turned out that this was an issue that did not impact the safety of our kids.  Our kids were safe at all times and our staff did an excellent job taking the information seriously.

Whenever we have even a hint of concern we take the information very seriously.  As a building Principal I am proud of our staff.  As a parent of young children, I’m impressed with the excellent manner in which Cohasset staff conduct themselves and take care of our children!  They really do put kids first.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Sean Martinson – Principal

Cohasset Elementary School -Gather here. Go Far.

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