2016-2017 4th Grade Science Museum Trip (UPDATE 1)

2017 4th Grade Science Museum Update


This year’s overnight trip will be held on May 11th and 12th (scroll down further for additional info).

“To Do” Items:

  1. Families of 4th graders, please join/use this Remind Class for another form of communication.
  2. Attend an upcoming meeting date for families/chaperones.  The “family” meeting is optional, the “chaperone” meeting is not and only for those signed up to chaperone.
    • Chaperone Meeting: Tuesday, April 18th.  3:00 @ Murphy Elementary School
    • Parent Meeting: Thursday, April 20th.  3:00 @ Murphy Elementary School

As we go along we will send home more print information.  However, the “To Do” item for “Remind” will help us setup at least one tool that is more timely for communication and something we will also use during the actual trip.


Sean Martinson

My cell phone: 218-259-3129 (save for contact during trip and/or any questions you may have).


PREVIOUS POST (From 11/29/16)

  • A version of this letter went home in Tuesday Folders on Tuesday 11/29/16November 29, 2016Dear 4th Grade Families,Last year Murphy Elementary School brought our 4th grade students  on an overnight trip to The Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul (fourth year in a row).  On this trip we also made stops at the Como Park Zoo and Edinborough Park (the Minnesota State Capitol was under renovation at the time).  Our students had full days of learning and had a blast!  We are happy to announce that we will be offering this same trip to this year’s 4th grade students!  We’re planning  this year’s overnight trip for May 11th and 12th.  We will take the same trip with stops at the Museum, Park, Zoo, and this year back to the Capitol.

        As we get closer to May, we will be sending out more information. With that said,  we did want to get some details out to help you to plan accordingly.

    • Please complete the School District 318 Field Trip Parent Permission slip (attached).  Please return this either way, if you do give permission please fill it out and send it back.  If you do not please write that on the sheet and send it back.  We will send more slips later in the Spring, this however, is a required slip to follow district policy and we prefer to start working on and planning now for May.
    • We will need chaperones for this trip.  Each chaperone will be asked to pay $50 in advance to help cover their trip costs.  Space will be limited to how many seats we have on the buses.  Chaperones will be required to fill out a Chaperone Packet and an ISD 318 Volunteer Background Check Packet (these are available in the main office).  If you are interested in chaperoning, contact Mr. Martinson directly or stop in and grab the necessary paperwork.  We may not be able to take all those that would like to chaperone.
    • The field trip cost per student for this trip is approximately $100.  We are currently gathering grant funds to help defer these costs.  We anticipate that we will again be asking for donations from each student of $30 to go toward the cost of this trip.  Donations can be made a little at a time or in full.  Check donations can be made payable to Murphy Elementary School.  Donations should be turned in directly to your child’s teacher.  It’s hopefully a small offering for a huge experience they will remember for years to come.  If this creates a hardship for your family, please contact Mr. Martinson directly and we will figure something out.

    More information will come home between now and May. Thank you again for taking the time to read this!


    Mrs. Rachel Bruemmer ~ Mr. Bryan Fideldy ~ Mr. Aaron Locken

    Mr. Sean Martinson (218-259-3129)

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