3rd and 4th Grade Skating @ Recess

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.26.20 PMOpen skating will continue to be an option during 3rd and 4th grade recess.  Hockey will only be an option on dates where Mr. Martinson or designated staff can participate in game play.   All playground rules and expectations apply similar to what we would expect for kickball, baseball, football, regular equipment, etc.

Here are some skating specific guidelines:

  • Kids have to have their own skates and helmet.
  • Kids have to be able to tie their own skates.
  • For free skating a bicycle style helmet is fine and we have some extras on site (donated by the Beefy Lawson Memorial).
  • For kids that ride the school bus:
    • They can bring skates and helmets but they have to be in a bag.
    • They can not bring sticks on the bus.
  • Putting on skates:  Sit by the rink, in the snow and put on skates, and take them off.  We may use the warming shack when available.  Mr. Martinson said he’s been skating since he was three years old, kids will be fine sitting in the snow and putting skates on, it’s called “old school”. 😉

12508771_10156412152120722_7247592949377411318_nThe overall goal is to offer another life activity, use the free skating rink, and releasing responsibility to the kids.  No different than we already do with the baseball/kickball field, football field, and general equipment.  Even the slides, at some point they were new and kids had to be trained….

The ice will most likely be flooded and ready by the second week of December.  We will update kids when it will be ready.

“Hockey” days will be communicated in advance with sticks and pucks only allowed in the boarded rink.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Martinson directly.

Principal: Sean Martinson
Dad to Four Amazing Kids
Principal – Murphy Elementary School

If you are looking for a prompt response, I strongly encourage you to speak to me in person.  Email is great for documentation and items that can wait.  My direct cell phone number is: 218-259-3129

B.S. Elementary Education
M.S. Educational Leadership & Technology
Licensed Minnesota K-12 Principal and K-12 Superintendent

Certified Personal Trainer (CFT)


PS:  Of 87 3rd and 4th Graders that responded to the question: If skating was allowed during recess again I would:  

student feedback charts image


After I wrote this a few more took the poll:

Not Skate
Open Skate
Want to play hockey.
 12 67 23


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