Social Emotional Learning & Inside Out @ Murphy

What: A movie showing of Inside Out (Rated PG)
When: The afternoon of Tuesday, March 22nd
Where: Murphy Elementary School

In connection with our social emotional learning curriculum ( Murphy School will have a school wide showing Disney’s movie Inside Out would make an excellent connection and extension of Second Step.  It would work well with Empathy and Emotion Management. Thank you to our gracious PTC for purchasing the one time viewing license!

More information on Inside Out from

  • Parents need to know that Inside Out is an outstandingly original, heartfelt story from Pixar about growing up and learning to handle your biggest emotions. Told primarily from the perspective of the feelings inside 11-year-old Riley’s mind, the plot has many moments of peril/tension — including bridges/islands crumbling, a train tumbling over a precipice, and characters falling into a deep, dark pit. (Spoiler alert: One key character also permanently fades from existence; that and scenes in which it seems Riley is “borrowing” her mom’s credit card and running away are definitely upsetting.) Some of Riley’s fears are also on display, including a giant, scary clown. Parents are likely to get hit hardest by the film’s heart-tugging moments (bring tissues!), but anyone with empathy will feel for Riley as she experiences life’s ups and downs. Ultimately, Inside Out has important messages about needing to feel — and express — all of your emotions, whether happy or sad. Although most of the content is appropriate for elementary schoolers and up, younger kids may need a bit more explanation about what’s going on, since there are references to abstract thought and the subconscious, and it can be a little confusing when other characters’ emotions are shown.

As this movie is rated PG students MUST have a signed permission slip in order to attend.Please complete below & send in to your child’s classroom teacher.

Any questions??? Contact Mr. Martinson at 218­-259­-3129 or

Please return the Tuesday Folder slip to your child’s classroom teacher by Friday, March 18th.


Flyer & Movie Permission Slip (PDF)

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