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image of Mr. Martinson
Mr. Martinson welcomes you (back) to Murphy Elementary School!

Hello! My name is Sean Martinson, Principal at Murphy Elementary School.  This is a longer than usual message with a few back to school items.  You may want to grab a pen if you need to write any items down.  If we have your email on file you’ll receive an email with similar information (I’ll also post it online through our FaceBook, Twitter, and Principal’s Pad).

If you haven’t received a call like this before from our Instant Alert System it may helpful to know that at the end of the call you will be given the option to repeat it.  You will be prompted with which button to press.

So with that, I hope this email finds you and your family doing well.  Whether it’s your first child at Murphy or one of many this is definitely an exciting time of year.  I have four children, two daughters in school already, one son in daycare, and one of my boys is starting Kindergarten this year.  I find myself more nervous than they are!

Throughout the year you may find yourself with questions that you don’t have the answer to (even more so at the beginning of the year) please don’t hesitate to stop in and visit, give a call, send a note, or drop an email.  There are more ways to communicate now than ever before!

What follows is a list of specific items that will be helpful as we start school up again, please read carefully:

  • Murphy Elementary Open House: Thursday, September 3rd 3:00-5:00pm (unless your child’s teacher sent a specific invite for an earlier conference).
  • School starts Tuesday, September 8th.
  • Kindergarten students only come one day the first week: Tuesday (9/8): Mrs. Carlson’s, Wednesday (9/9): Ms. Barker, and Thursday (9/10): Mrs. Adler’s class.
  • All morning drop offs are at the main doors on the west side of our building.  Please remember that even on the first day of school, all streets directly connected to our campus are drop off and go.  If you’re walking kids in you’ll have to park further away.  Parking is extremely limited.
  • If your child arrives before 8:15 we ask that they hang up their items on their coat racks outside of their classrooms, and then go directly to the cafeteria.  We will have options for different grade levels such as outdoor recess, however we still ask that everyone arriving prior to 8:15 go to the cafeteria.
  • If your child arrives after 8:15 we ask that they go directly to their class.
  • Students should be in their seats and ready by 8:30.
  • At the end of the day we start releasing at 2:50 with kids getting picked up by parents at the west doors, again, please stay in your vehicle unless you park further away.  If you are picking up please plan to pick up your child no later than 3:00.
  • EVERY WEDNESDAY is an early release.  We start releasing at 2:10 and ask that your child is picked up no later than 2:20.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for your child.

In closing, if you haven’t checked out our school website yet and have access please check us out at: http://www.isd318.org/murphy  We’ll continue to add information throughout the year and appreciate any input or suggestions that you may have.

Have a great night!

Sean Martinson

Dad to Four Amazing Kids

Principal – Murphy Elementary School


If you need to call or text me, please use the following number: 218-259-3129

M.S. Educational Leadership

Licensed K-12 Principal

2015-2016 Info from School Website


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