Murphy Elementary School KINDERGARTNERS


To our Kindergarten families: This is a reminder that our Kindergarten teachers are setting up 15-20 minute conferences for Thursday, September 3rd from 8:00am to 5:00pm to meet with you and your child. You should have already received a letter or a phone call regarding this. Your child may bring their supplies if they wish at this time, and please bring the questionnaire that was sent to you in July.

Please note: For Kindergarteners, this conference will take the place of the open house that day.

If you haven’t already contacted your child’s teacher please do so.
Please refer to your mailing you received for contact information or call the school directly and ask to be transferred to our rooms. 327-5880

Thank you, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Adler and Mrs. Barker
Mrs. Adler email is

Cell :763-843-4817
Mrs. Carlson email is
Cell: 218-256-5654
Mrs. Barker email is
Phone: 327-5880 Murphy School

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