Murphy Kids’ Clothing Closet

Over the course of the next week you’ll start to see information coming home about a clothing closet at the school. To start with we will focus on winter gear including winter hats, gloves, coats, snow boots, and snow pants. Please only send items that would fit children ages 5 to 10. Unfortunately , we have very limited space so we to stay very specific to what we are holding on to and collecting. Donated items will not be items to borrow, but rather items to keep. Parents will be able to come and look through the items and staff will be able to identify any kids in need and hand them out as well. When items are donated, they will be set aside for two weeks (on the off chance they have any little hitchhikers). If you have any of the items listed above that you would be willing to donate, please wash and clean them first and then send them to school with your child or drop them off directly in the office. It would also be extremely helpful if you were to put them in a plastic bag and attach a note with what is in the bag and the day’s date. As I noted above they will be set aside for a couple weeks, so we would like to start gathering items prior to the start of cold and snowy winter weather. Thank you in advance for anything that you can share. One last note, please don’t send in any items that smell musty or of mildew, mold, or smoke. Due to allergies we cannot use those.

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