A Message for The Gentlemen

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this note.   This is something I’ve kept saying I would sit down and write and get out to everyone.  Today is apparently the day.  Although our students know this rule, many of our male visitors may not be aware of it.  Out of respect for our school, and the flag that flies in front of it, we ask that all hats be removed upon entering the building.  Granted in the winter we’ll see more snow hats, this request however is specifically related to baseball caps and other types of informal head wear.

As a child both of my Grandfathers (Korean War veterans) talked to me about hats and what “gentlemen” do.  They shared with me that you always take your hat off when you went into a church, or into a building that flew the American flag.  I have shared this with my own children and it’s something that I have brought with me to each school that I’ve been a Principal at.  Whether it was Deer River High School, Cohasset Elementary School, or now at Murphy Elementary School I/we ask that, out of respect, you please remove your hats when you come into the building.

I thank you in advance!



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