4th Grade Science Museum FINAL UPDATE

Thursday May 15th-16th

  • A reminder that students should bring nut free snacks and food items.iggy-pj PEANUT/NUT FREE!
  • We aim to load the buses prior to 8:00 and leave as close to 8:00 as possible.
  • Front doors will be open starting at 7:30 for 4th graders and families.  Gather at the classrooms.
  • We will be back for normal bus times Friday.  Kids may not be able to bring all their gear home on the school bus.
  • Chaperones: Park behind the school facing the warming shack.  Drive into the staff parking area and start a row by pulling right up to the warming shack itself.  We will double/triple park and fill that area with chaperone vehicles.  This area has a camera facing it.
  • Here’s another copy of the final packet of information:  Final Info Packet 2013-2014 Camp-in (PDF)
  • Any questions before, during, or after the field trip?  Call Mr. Martinson directly on his cell phone 218-259-3129
    • Seriously, if you have questions call.  The kids hear random things from other kids and run with that as fact….. As crazy as that sounds 😉    text or call with any questions and Mr. Martinson will answer.

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