2012-2013 Murphy Elementary School Salt City Candle Fundraiser

Retail Logo_fullThis is an optional item for families.  ALL funds raised will be set aside specifically for next year’s 4th grade class for an end of the year field trip, a larger trip as a culminating activity for our kids prior to leaving for the Middle School.  This year’s 4th grade went on an over-night trip to St. Paul.  Their trip was fully funded through a grant from Flint Hills Resources.  Our kids went to the Como Park Zoo, the Minnesota State Capitol, and then spent the night at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Top selling students will get to eat lunch with the Principal (in the Principal’s Office!), the top class will win an extra recess period, and above all we will work towards funding a yearly event for our outgoing 4th graders.  Should you choose to participate, we say, thank you in advance!

  • Order Due Date: Tuesday, April 2nd (right after “Spring Break”)
  • Order Pick-Up Date & Time:  Thursday, May 9th from 2:30-5:30pm in the Murphy School Cafeteria.  Any questions about pick up date and time call Sean Martinson at 218-209-2573.
  • Our School receives $10 from each candle!  Funds raised from this fundraiser will be specifically set aside for a 4th grade field trip during the 2013-2014 school year.

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