Tuesday Folder Letter from Mr. Martinson

The PDF document below will be going home in today’s Tuesday folder. The letter includes the following specific school practice update:

“As I write this we are looking at and refining our current safety practices. One noticeable change you will see starting Wednesday, December 19th will include the collection of photo IDs from all visitors. Once our day has started at the 8:30 bell, we will follow the same process that our Middle School follows. At that time and for the entire school day, all visitors will need to leave a photo ID in the main office. We will then give them a volunteer name badge on a lanyard. Volunteers will still need to sign in and out, however these badges and the collection of photo IDs will be help us to quickly identify any non-staff in the building at any time. If you need to drop something off and/or have your child called down to the office you can still do this without checking in. We just ask that you wait in the main lobby and have our office staff deliver any items or call your child down to the office for you.”

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