Playground Painting

Thank you to families for past fund raising and to the PTC for approving the purchase of paint to add to the playground. We will be painting board games and activities on the blacktop.  What follows are dates/times that we could use help from anyone that’s available.  We need the most help painting Saturday afternoon, here are more specifics:


Today: Friday, September 28: 4-6pm Playground Prep

>> Anyone with a leaf blower is invited to help us prep our playground pavement for painting. Push brooms too. Start at 4, not sure how long it will take. Basically blow/brush off paved surfaces and then pressure wash them so they are clean for painting on Saturday.  We only have a couple sources for water so I think we are set for pressure washers.


Tomorrow: Saturday, September 29: Playground Prep (chalking and outlining) 9:00am-12pm

>> This is the portion where we lay down the outlines for different activities that will be painted later in the day. Chalk boxes galore. Anyone comfortable with making symmetrical shapes. This group does all the outlining (from a map) that will be painted later in the day. Three of us did this in Cohasset, well two, I snapped the line 😉  This is a smaller group, again anyone comfortable with a chalk box, measuring, and angles. I associate it with chalking a roof for shingles, this work sets the pattern for all the activities to fit the playground and is of great importance.


Tomorrow: Saturday, September 29 at 12:00pm-4pm Playground Painting

>>  Anyone that is available to help paint the pre-marked areas would be greatly appreciated! Bring a roller and any brushes you may have. Some of this work may be more freehand but most will be similar to paint by number. Areas will be laid out and marked to be painted. When all is said and done we will have large games and game boards painted on the blacktop for recess and phy-ed. I really don’t know how long this will take. It depends on how many people and how much paint we add.


In case these events are cancelled due to weather I am only sending out information in a digital format (FaceBook, Principal’s Pad, and Email).  If anything changes or gets cancelled I will use these same tools.  Thank you in advance for reading this!  If you can help please email me directly ( or join the event on the school’s FaceBook Page.

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Have a great day!



Sean Martinson

Principal ~ Murphy Elementary School




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