(The following message is/was programmed to be sent as an “Instant Alert” call and email to all of Mrs. Feldt’s Kindergarten families at 6:00pm on Wednesday, August 29th.  This online copy serves as a reference and as an additional mode to share this with families in the hopes of catching as many as possible.)

Good evening!  This is Sean Martinson, Principal at Murphy Elementary School, and I’m calling to update you on your child’s Kindergarten teacher.  As you may remember I called a couple days ago to inform you that Mrs. Feldt had moved to 2nd grade here at Murphy.  Since then our hiring team has met and I am proud to let you know that our newest member and your child’s Kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Heather Brown.

Mrs. Brown will be a familiar name and face to many Murphy families as she has previous teaching experience and has also been a guest teacher in our building.

When I had called last I had also said that I would make sure that we would hire a teacher that I would be willing to have for my own child.  I’m happy to say that, that is the case with Mrs. Brown.  She has experience, a visible passion for children, and I would be more than comfortable with her as my own child’s teacher.  She will be an amazing addition to our school and our Kindergarten team.

So in closing, I’m happy to have the chance to have Mrs. Brown work with our Murphy children.  As a last note and reminder: our Kindergarten students come to school one day next week and your child’s class comes Wednesday, September 9th.

Thank you again for your patience as you waited for my call.  As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sean Martinson

Sean Martinson
Dad to Three Amazing Kids
Principal – Murphy Elementary School

If you need to call or text me, please use the following number: 218.209.2573

M.S. Educational Leadership
Licensed K-12 Principal
Education, Leadership, and Technology Consultant

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