To the families of Cohasset Elementary School

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter. As you may have heard by now, with the pending retirement of the Murphy Elementary School Principal, I have been reassigned Administrative Duties. I will continue my Principal career starting the 2012-2013 school year at Murphy Elementary School. Mrs. Anderson will serve her last four months as the “interim” Principal at Cohasset at which time a new Principal will be hired.

As Murphy School is a larger school with 15 sections, it would be hard to bring in a new Principal in the middle of the school year. So, Mrs. Anderson will be coming in as the “new” Principal at Cohasset starting next fall. I say “new” as this will be Mrs. Anderson’s third time at Cohasset. She started at Cohasset and will end at Cohasset so you’ll be in good hands.

Here are just some of the qualities that Mrs. Anderson will bring to Cohasset:

Years of administrative and teaching experience.
Passion for teaching and working with children and families.
Strong communication skills.
Participation in leadership roles.
Building relationships.

As I had mentioned earlier, Mrs. Anderson is not new to Cohasset and I leave your children in her capable hands along one of the most exceptional staffs I have ever had the privilege to work with.
Although I’m sad to be leaving all that is Cohasset, I’m as equally excited to get the opportunity to work with the students, staff, and families at Murphy.

Those that know me know that I don’t do “goodbyes”. I’ll still be around, and like a lucky penny, have away of turning up. So this isn’t “goodbye” it’s “I’ll see you later”.

Sean M. Martinson
Always a “Cougar” and now a “Murphy Mustang”.


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