Boost Academic Success: Know Your Child

The following excerpt comes from Dr. Michelle Borba and is one of seven parenting tips to help with school success.  Thank you to one of our staff members for sharing this  (this is one of seven posts on this topic).

Tailor Expectations to Your Child’s Abilities

All parents want the very best for their kids. It’s only natural!  As a parent, you should consider your learning aspirations for your child like a rubber band: gently stretch but don’t snap. Every child is different, and while its okay to encourage her to try hard and achieve her best, it’s also important to remember that ‘What’s best’ is different for every child. Just because your kid isn’t composing his own symphonies or writing his memoirs by age 10, doesn’t mean that he won’t still do great things with his life. Always remember this one commandment: ‘Tailor thy parenting only to thy child’. You and your children will be happier and healthier for it, as well as succeed.

If you want to boost your kid’s academic performance and see lasting results, it will take a few things from you: consistency, dedication, and patience. Those things are always better parenting tools than anything money can buy. And remember that no two kids are the same, even if they come from the same household. If you pay attention to the individual needs of each child and do what’s right for them and for you, you’ll see the payoff in their attitudes and their report cards in no time.

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