Boost Academic Success: Stress

The following excerpt comes from Dr. Michelle Borba and is one of seven parenting tips to help with school success.  Thank you to one of our staff members for sharing this  (this is one of seven posts on this topic).


Squelch the Stress…

At Home Research shows that the conflict kids face at home spills over into their school life and impedes their learning. In fact, family-induced stress can affect kids’ learning and behavior for up to two days following an incident.

So take a vow of ‘yellibacy.’

Make your home a stress-free zone.

Find ways to de-stress with your kids.

Take longs walks, read together, do yoga, or have a family movie night.

Be a model to them on how to disagree without it ending in a screaming match.

Teach your kids that it’s okay for them to walk away from an argument until they are calm enough to return.

Teach your child healthy ways to reduce stress.

Tune into your child’s unique stress signs, so you’ll be able to recognize when he’s on overload, help him learn to identify his own stressors (and triggers) so that you can intervene and help him to decompress before something comes to blows.

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