Boost Academic Success: Family Meal Time

The following excerpt comes from Dr. Michelle Borba and is one of seven parenting tips to help with school success.  Thank you to one of our staff members for sharing this  (this is one of seven posts on this topic).

Make Family Meals a Must

A recent study by Columbia University showed that kids whose families eat regular, relaxed meal together are not only less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and develop eating disorders-they are also more likely to achieve higher grades.

Family dinners do not have to consist of gourmet, five-course meals. Serve simple, healthy meals, turn off the television and unplug the phone, and enjoy each other’s company.

And if everyone in your family is on a different schedule and can’t make it to dinner- don’t worry! Consider instating an evening family snack time where everyone can review their days with each other before bedtime.The trick is to find what works best for you family and turn it into a routine.

Keep in mind it’s not the macaroni and cheese dish has nothing to do with giving your kid the academic edge. It’s those informal: “How was your day?” “What are you discussing in science?” “How do you plan to study for that test?” kind of discussion topics that let your kid know your family prioritizes education.

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