Cohasset Offer

Donation Quote Form (PDF) deadline is 11/2/11

I am posting this form with an offer available to our school. This offer, from Horace Mann Insurance, is similar to the Chrysler car drive we held at our school. For every form that is turned in to Jim Barton and Horace Mann our school will receive a $10 donation. Anyone can fill out this form, even if not a member of our school.

This is a no pressure option, however, if you choose to fill the form and turn it in you will receive a call from Jim and a quote for auto insurance. I can’t stress enough that this is a no pressure offer. You are under no pressure from the school either 😉 If you would like to pass on this offer simply discard this post.

If you would like to take them up on their offer, you can either mail the form directly to the address listed on the form or turn it back in to the school office. I would fill one out but I already have my insurance through Jim (which is part of the reason I’m comfortable saying you won’t get a high pressure sales pitch).

Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a great day!


Sean M.

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