Health Notice Update

I hope this notice finds you doing well.  Although more information will be going home in a printed letter, I wanted to put out a quick update from the school using some additional modes of communication.

Recently we’ve seen cases of head lice in the school, and although head lice are common and it’s less than 2% of our student population being impacted, we are still taking steps to address the issue.  From building wide to the classroom level we will be putting some new practices in place.  Some short term, and some long term.

At the classroom level we are reviewing any practices that could lead to the spread of head lice. Our coat and bag space is at a premium so for the short term we will also be having students place their hats, mittens, and coats into their backpacks.

Additionally, tomorrow morning, Wednesday, October 26th we have district nurses coming to the building and all students will be screened for head lice.

There’s a ton of info online about Head Lice, here’s one such site:

I can’t stress enough that although head lice are a nuisance, much like colds, they are not uncommon.  What we want to do though is make sure we are doing our best to prevent the spread.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sean Martinson
Principal – Cohasset Elementary School

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