Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year!

"Rocky", named and voted on by our students.

To our new families, WELCOME TO COHASSET! To our returning families, WELCOME BACK!!! Cohasset is a great school and a great place to start!

I hope this message finds you and your family doing well. Whether it’s your first child at Cohasset or one of many this is definitely an exciting time of year. When I started at Cohasset my oldest daughter was just starting Kindergarten and Ryan was in daycare. Now I find myself with a 2nd grader, a “Senior” at Little Lambs Preschool, and bundle of energy in our one year old Mac.

As I write this, I’m trying to think of items new families would want to know and things that may have changed from last year.

In the morning buses still drop off in the back at our east doors and parent drop off is in front at our main entry (west). In the afternoon buses still pick up out front and parent pickup is in the back. So a flip flop. This allows for more parking for all of the families that come to pick up their children (pick up is five minutes later, see below).

When children arrive they are asked to go directly to the cafeteria. We will again offer morning recess and indoor activities on poor weather days. This is typically for our 2nd-4th grade students but is dependent on how many kids there are. We continue to look for ways to add more activities and options for our students in the morning keeping as many active as possible. Starting at 8:10 kids start heading to their classrooms.

Our pickup and drop off times have changed a little bit this year. The Itasca Area Schools Collaborative (IASC) have changed their overall schedules to be more consistent. This change has led to earlier drop off times and later afternoon pick up times at Cohasset. Our doors still open at 7:40am each morning, this is the earliest time that we have staff supervising students. Our end of day time is now 2:50 (5 minutes later than last year). We will open our back (east) doors starting at 2:45, students are released at 2:50. Dewey just left, there are chalk markings to help everyone park the first couple days.

Classroom schedules generally change from year to year, but I thought I would list some updates to our schedule that may impact all of our students.

In years past we have had all of our students go out to recess at the same time with grades K-1 on the east playground and 2-4 on the north playground. This year we are staggering our recess time. K-1 students will all go out together and then 2-4 students will all go out together. This offers a few benefits. Now, all of our students have access to the field, large equipment, and Peaceful Playground. Fewer kids are outside at the same time, and on bad weather days we can now offer more options for the kids. On a typical indoor day we had to limit where kids went since everyone was at recess at the same time. Fewer kids will mean more activities, and research shows that the more options and activities children have the more fun they have and the less discipline issues we see. I think of our K-1 soccer players, now they can use the field rather than a patch in a corner by the fence.

I’m also pleased to say that we will still offer recess before lunch, again this has many benefits for our children. When kids go to recess first they are more active (their stomachs aren’t full) and we see less sore tummies from playing with a full stomach. When kids come in to eat they are ready to eat, and they don’t eat fast trying to get outside. Kids waste less food and milk and when they head back to class they are ready to learn. I am also able to work with any students that had issues on the playground, if we need more time they can still go eat, and haven’t missed academic time.

There are so many GREAT things going on at Cohasset!!! Some things we’ve been doing and some things are new. In both cases, we look at what’s best for our children and do our best to make it happen. Cohasset is, a great school!

Throughout the year you may find yourself with questions that you don’t have the answer to (even more so at the beginning of the year) please don’t hesitate to stop in and visit, give a call, send a note, or drop an email. There are more ways to communicate now than ever before!

If you haven’t checked lately here are a few items you might find useful:

I hope you’re ready for an amazing school year!!!

Sean Martinson – Principal
Cohasset Elementary School – Gather here. Go far.

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