Mila Adams

(The following is a copy of a letter going home in the Tuesday Folders)

May 24, 2011

To the families at Cohasset Elementary School:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  Our year is quickly wrapping up and I know that many of you have already started your summer hobbies and projects.

I wanted to write you a short letter and introduce you to a first grade student from Forest Lake Elementary School.  Her name is Mila Adams.  Mila is the daughter of Kirk and Roni Adams and the granddaughter of Gayle and Dale “Spud” Adams, and Kris and Rod Dimich.

Mila was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.  She had the tumor removed on May 9th and is now getting ready to head to Boston for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Earlier this year, as a school, we held a school wide “Coins for Cancer” fundraiser.  This friendly competition raised over $2,000 for the Itasca Area Cancer Crisis Fund (IACCF).  A fund created in honor of Mrs. Bischoff and accessible to all Itasca Area Families.

So, although we won’t be holding a specific fundraiser and competition for Mila you are more than welcome to donate to her and her family through any of the following options:

At Cohasset

  • We will have a collection jar in the office for any change or checks made out to “Friends of Mila Adams”.

Mila’s Website:

  • Includes events to attend, items to buy, and ways to donate directly to the family.

Thank you!

Enjoy the remainder of the school year and your summer vacation!

Sean Martinson
Principal – Cohasset Elementary School

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