Recess Mileage Club (Grades 2-4)

Cohasset Elementary School Mileage Club

The Cougar Mileage Club is a walking/running program for school. Students in grades 2-4 walk/run the loop on the playground. One loop is 1/5 of a mile. This amount of activity helps increase kids’ learning readiness and helps to fight childhood obesity.

The Cougar Mileage Club recess program is simple to run. Students walk on the playground several times a week. Mileage Markers are checked every time a child completes a lap. When recess ends, students keep track of their cards. For each mile walked, kids are rewarded with a Toe Token (brightly colored plastic foot) to put on a shoelace or chain. When kids fill their card (four miles) they receive a Cougar Paw!

Currently this is for grades 2-4, partly because of supervision and partly on our playground layout.

Current Leader Board

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