MN Star Watch Update (and video)

Thank you to all the families that helped make the 2011 Minnesota Star Watch event at Cohasset such a success!  Great turnout even with the bad weather (cold)!  We started right away with families sneaking outside to look through the telescopes and view the International Space Station.  The we came in and “offically” started.  Mike Lynch (WCCO Meterologist) led us through a session on star gazing and using star maps.  Then we went back out for a view of the stars and named a handful of Constellations.  We again snuck in, it was cold!!!, had some snacks and hot chocolate then headed back out for more looking through the telescopes (Big Daddy was AWESOME!).  Then a handful stuck around while Mike told “updated” myths and legends of how the Constellations came to be.  I think we ended around 9:30-10:00….  then a couple more stuck around for a last peek in the telescopes.  Kenny and I made it home around 12:00-12:30.  She (we) had a blast!  Thanks again to everyone that attended.  What a night!

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