This post is for any family  planning to attend tomorrow night’s Minnesota Star Watch event with Meteorologist Mike Lynch (Saturday, February 26th).  If you are attending, please read this entire message, there are a bunch of important items for those attending.

First of all, the weather forecast for tomorrow night is partly cloudy with cold temperatures so please dress warm.  We WON’T cancel the event, even if the weather is poor we’ll still have a program.  Doors will open at 6:30 and Mike will start his program at 7:00.  The first part of the program is inside and we’ll be in the cafeteria.  We will go outside on the north playground later in the program.  Please dress warm, feel free to bring chairs to sit in outside and blankets to stay warm.  Kenny and I will put on our winter gear right before we go out, we’ll bring a couple captain’s chairs, and will definitely have blankets.

I talked to Mike (the presenter) again today and he assured me that we will have a program, even if we end up staying inside.  But, please still come ready to go out and dress warm!  We’ll make sure to have plenty of hot chocolate and a few different families are bringing treats.  Mike also mentioned that he will be bringing copies of his book and Star Watch shirts.  I think the books were around $10 and are a great resource specific to our night skies.  The shirts were a bit more, $15?

I think that’s about it, hope to see you tomorrow night, if not have a great weekend!

Sean Martinson

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