Recipes Needed!

Calling all Cohasset Cougar Cooks!

We are happy to announce that the spring fundraiser will be a cookbook, filled with favorite recipes of our Cohasset families!

We would love for each student and staff person to be represented–with at least one recipe. Don’t be afraid to submit one or more for each category!
Submitting recipes will be super simple, with two options.

Pick up a recipe collection sheet from the school office

Fill in the sheet

Send it back to school, or drop it off in the office

Or, even easier, you can login to our own recipe collection website.

Go to www.

Click on the login icon

Enter the contributor name, for example: Alex Smith, Fourth Grade

Enter the group login: cougarcuisine (no space!)

Enter the contributor password: 6mkkk

Thanks in advance for your submission to the cookbook. Let’s work together to make sure that each child gets to see his or her name in print! The final cost will be announced once we see how many recipes we collect. The recipe collection deadline is February 25th. The cookbooks will be ready for purchase on or around April 1st.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to call!

Anita Mendonsa


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