One Question You Have: School Need?

This post is in answer to one of our “One Question You Have” questions:

What does the school need?  In previous years I have sent in spare mittens and hats, too small coats and running shoes for the “spare box” by the gym, but would a more organized system for kids in need be helpful?  If there isn’t that much need at Cohasset, then I am always eager to clean house and pass it on to Goodwill, etc, but if there are needs “closer to home”, I’m all for it!  Even if the need may be used sports equipment, old computers, or anything else for the school-  please just let us know!

That’s a really good question.  As far as what the “school” needs, that is often dependent on the season and/or time of year.  We had a very generous response this year with cold weather items, even more so than last year! We’ve moved our “shareable” items up towards the balcony.  They are sorted, hung and much easier to identify.

Some common needs our classrooms have are for consumable items like: dry erase markers and pencils.  I think we’re good for now on cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer, but you really want to speak with your child’s teacher.

You would be absolutely amazed at how much classroom teachers purchase for their classrooms that they are NEVER reimbursed for.  When I was in the classroom it was quite common to spend hundreds of dollars over the course of the year on items for students and the classroom.  My wife, who teaches Kindergarten, is in the same boat, healthy classroom snacks can especially add up.  As a Principal, I wish I could say that this wasn’t the case, but it is the reality.  Our school budget is small and classroom budgets even smaller.  If you are wondering what your child’s classroom needs, I encourage you to speak with their teacher or drop them a note.

Something Cohasset has seen this year, and will again next, is the addition of new classroom teachers.  These staff may need an additional hand as well, even if they come from another school, it can be difficult building a new classroom.

As always, feel free to contact Sue, myself or your child’s teacher if you have specific questions.

Mr. Martinson

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