Cohasset All School Winter Music Program

Cohasset All School Winter Music Program

When: Tuesday, December 21st

Where: Reif Center

Time: 1:00-2:00

*No Parent Pick-up: There will be N0 parent pick-ups at the Reif Center following the program.

*Please note: Students will be dismissed first before the audience—to allow for them to board the buses with enough time to return to school on time.  It is important that your child stays with their class during the entire program—so that they can remain safe and accounted for at all times.

*Program Attire: Students need to wear a red or green shirt (of any kind) and jeans or black pants.  Shirts should have little or no graphics on the front, if possible.  Boys may wear a tie, but it is not necessary.  Girls may wear a holiday dress, but that is not necessary either.

*Order of Program Performances: Kindergarten and first grade will perform first from 1:00-1:20.  Second, third and fourth grades will perform from approximately 1:30-1:55.

*Parking at the Reif Center: Parking will be limited (due to high school staff and students who use this parking lot during school hours).  You may want to carpool, if possible.

*Program Recording: ICTV will be videotaping the program.  Go to and click on the schedule link for dates in which the program will be aired.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the program, please contact ICTV via email or phone (218-327-5866).  The cost is $15 for a DVD and $20 for VHS.

*Questions: Please contact me at or check out my classroom website at if you have any questions.

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