Cohasset Soldiers

How appropriate that as I write this, a letter from one of our soldiers came in the mail (to Ms. Wallgren’s class).  I wanted to again thank everyone for their time, effort, and donations.  Our classrooms will be sending their 3rd packages this Friday, with two more to follow in May.  We’ve had many donations from a wide variety of groups.  One thing we run into each month is the cost of shipping the packages.  The first two were paid for by Cohasset families, this Friday by Minnesota Power, and we’re still looking for help on the last two.  It costs a little over $100 to ship all eleven packages.  We could also use items to fill our last couple boxes.  Our soldiers are scheduled to come back in June but I’m sure they could use some items to get them through their last couple months.  If you are looking to donate items there’s a full list on the Principal’s Pad (you can search it from the top right corner).  Some possible items would be sun screen, handy wipes, small snack items, beef jerky, gum, drink mixes, or other items they can take with them.  Also any Minnesota summer items.  Remember we have 11 classroom boxes and our After School Learning Academy has added a 12th.  They’re coming home soon!

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