Cohasset Highlights Science & Minnesota Nice

Recently I was asked to submit a writeup and pictures for the front of the District Site. This was the full version, it was too long 😉

Our students at Cohasset Elementary School have found exciting ways to experience the Minnesota State Science Standards, and demonstrate what “Minnesota Nice” truly means.

As a part of their School Outreach Assembly Programs, the Science Museum of Minnesota was recently at Cohasset. The School Outreach Assembly programs are aligned and correlated to state and national standards/benchmarks. They are specifically designed with our students’ educational needs in mind and in support of our efforts to encourage their exploration of the scientific world around them.

Cohasset Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students participated in a program titled: “Wonders of Science: Dinosaurs”. The program used dinosaur props and large colorful visuals to engage our students in the fun of science learning. Student volunteers helped the presenter discover and reconstruct a life-size dinosaur skeleton puzzle!

Cohasset 3rd and 4th grade students participated in a program titled: “Solids, Liquids, and Gases”. Imagine a test tube as large as our students, into which a volunteer added a solid to a liquid. What happens when a balloon is fitted over the top? Our students were introduced to the science of chemistry through the use of some unusual demonstrations.

Imagine a campground filled with a giant movie screen, high-tech exhibits, extraordinary science learning opportunities, a live theater performance, great food, and maybe even the chance to sleep next to a dinosaur. Sound thrilling? This March, our 4th graders will take their science knowledge to an even deeper understanding as they participate in an overnight camp-in at the Science Museum in St. Paul.

The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Camp-In Program provides a fun and welcoming environment that encourages science through exploration. Our 4th graders will become immersed in the excitement and wonder of science, while investigating the museum’s exhibit halls, watching a live science demonstration, and viewing the museum’s current Omnitheater film. They will also attend an hour-long “Explore Science” workshop, where they are engaged in hands-on science activities. But the fun and learning doesn’t stop there. Added to this, is the magic of spending the night in the Science Museum’s extraordinary exhibit halls (and a trip to the state capital)!

Individual classrooms also participated in Science themed events that included school family volunteers. Two specific classrooms were Mrs. Wright’s 2nd grade and Mrs. Grabarkewitz’s 4th graders. Mrs. Wright’s second grade classroom explored various principles of science with their egg drop experiments and Mrs. Grabarkewitz’s class had a chance to explore the structure of the heart in depth by dissecting deer hearts.

Minnesota Nice….

The month of February was Random Acts of Kindness in Cohasset and our students were able to express their appreciation to a couple Cohasset Helpers as well as starting their “Operation Minnesota Nice”.

Recently our students gathered in the Gym to thank the City of Cohasset for their help throughout the year (and years). Our students presented two specific “Friends of Cohasset” with cards and posters from our students along with Cohasset Cougar Sweatshirts and bumper stickers (as well as some baked goods from a staff member).

Another program that we started to discuss prior to Christmas break was “Operation Minnesota Nice (OMN)” and the possibility of having the students sponsor Minnesota service men and women serving over seas.

After break we discussed it further and each classroom decided to sponsor a soldier. Each of our eleven classrooms has been assigned a US Serviceman. The soldiers (all from Minnesota) are stationed in the Kandahar area/region of Afghanistan (US Army 17th Infantry Regiment – FOB Frontenac and Kandahar Air Field).

Cohasset students started writing and sending care packages to their troops at the end of February (to continue through the end of May – our troops are scheduled to return to the US at the beginning of July).

Items we send our soldiers show them our appreciation and in some cases remind them of Minnesota. Students, families, Staff, and local businesses have been providing donations and we have also listed some items on our School’s website (on the Principal’s Pad – anyone can donate).

Thank you again for reading about our school, our students, and educational opportunities in ISD 318. You can see and read more about our school on our school website:

Sean Martinson
Principal – Cohasset Elementary School

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