10 Tips for Parents of Young Readers

The following is from the Itasca Project Read Website:

1. Read aloud to your child every day:
Read to babies even before they can talk
Let your child see and touch the book
Play with voices and the sounds of words

2. Create a print rich home environment
Have a wide variety of books available to children
Encourage children to look at books on their own
Set aside a family reading area and a family reading time

3. Model reading and writing
Make use of the family reading area on your own
Let children see you reading for work or to learn something
Let children see you reading for pleasure

4. Use grocery shopping to encourage reading
Have children help you search for specific brands
Use the aisle markers with your child to find items
Match coupons to products

5. Cook with your child to develop literacy
Show your child how to read a recipe
Read the labels on ingredients together
Make a family cookbook of favorite recipes

6. Explore books together
As you read, point out important features about the book
Ask your child questions
Point out new vocabulary

7. Tell stories together
Talk together about your family history
Look at old vacation photos and discuss your memories of the trip
Tape your storytelling

8. Sing and rhyme with your child
Choose songs with rhymes and word play
Play rhyming games with your child, what other words sound like monkey?
Challenge your child to sing or say rhymes as fast as he can and dont forget to laugh if the results come out silly

9. Write with your child
Provide lots of writing materials chalk, markers, crayons, and pencils
Encourage your child to draw and write on her own
Encourage your child to write thank you notes to grandparents, make to do lists and the like

10. Visit the library often
Make weekly trips
Encourage your child to get her own library card.
Take advantage of library programs such as read alouds and family book clubs

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