Operation Minnesota Nice @ Cohasset!

I hope this posting finds you doing well and recovering from a wet snowy weekend and a disappointing Vikings game.

Before we went on Christmas break I had put out information on the Principal’s Pad Blog (www.isd318.org/cohasset – Principal’s Pad) about Operation Minnesota Nice (OMN) and the possibility of having our school sponsor Minnesota service men and women serving over seas.

I’m writing this brief letter to let you know that after break we discussed it further and have registered with OMN.  Each of our eleven classrooms has been assigned a US Serviceman.  Our soldiers are all stationed in the Kandahar area/region of Afghanistan (US Army 17th Infantry Regiment – FOB Frontenac and Kandahar Air Field).

Our students will be writing and sending care packages to our troops with one each month starting in February and two in May (our troops are scheduled to return to the US at the beginning of July).

Although we will be asking local businesses for a bulk of the item donations we have also listed some items on a sheet at the bottom of this post that you or your family might be able to pick up.  Please keep in mind that this is a suggested list.  Items don’t necessarily have to be new and there are wide variety of things you may even have laying around the house (books, CDs, newspapers, batteries, etc.).  Even keep in mind items that will remind them of home, I’ve already brought in all my back copies of the The Hockey News, Menefee’s have donated honey, and Fideldy’s have donated a bunch of Maple Syrup!

Items for our soldiers can be dropped off in the school office.  Thank you again for your time and any help that you can offer.

Sean Martinson
Principal-Cohasset Elementary School

More information:

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