National American Indian Heritage Month

Cohasset Cougar LogoNovember is National American Indian Heritage Month.  In observance of this month and American Indian heritage in our region, Cohasset Elementary School 4th graders have been invited to view a Pow-wow.  The Pow-wow will take place this coming Friday, November 6th in the afternoon at Deer River High School.

For those not familiar with Pow-wows, a modern Pow-wow is an event where Native American and non-Native American people meet to dance, sing, socialize, and honor American Indian culture.  This event, hosted by Deer River High School is a competition of area students with Grand Entry to start at 1:00.

Although Pow-wows vary in length from one day session of 5 to 6 hours to three days we will only be able to view a short portion of this Pow-wow (Major pow-wows or pow-wows called for a special occasion can be up to one week long).  Our students have been invited to view the event and will be seated close to one of the exits (we need to leave before the event is done).

Cohasset students will load the buses at approximately 12:15 and leave for Deer River High School.  We should arrive close to 12:45 and the Pow-wow Grand Entry starts at 1:00.  We will leave DRHS around 2:15 and arrive back in Cohasset in time to grab bags and load the buses for home.

We will be taking two buses and there is room for family members wishing to attend.  For those planning to ride along please drop a quick note to your child’s teacher or contact Mr. Martinson at 327-5860.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!  Have a great week!

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