Social Skills & Cougar Coins

I hope this posting finds you and your family doing well (& healthy!).

I wanted to take a little time tonight to write a quick note about Social Skills and “Cougar Coins” at Cohasset Elementary School.  Over the past few years we’ve targeted a specific social skill to work with each month.  This year we will continue to do so and the skill for November is “Being Respectful & Using Good Manners”.

Cougar Coins
Cougar Coins

Something that we’ve added for this year is that we’ll use a different tool to recognize social skills.  This year we will utilize “Cougar Coins” to recognize positive behavior and this could be any positive behavior and isn’t limited to the skill of the month.  We will continue to highlight the skill over the PA and in the classrooms.

You may have heard about the coins or even seen one come home.  Each staff member is given a set amount of coins and when they “catch” a kid being good we may sneak them a Cougar Coin.  The purpose of this tool (Cougar Coins) is to recognize and catch kids being good.  We want to avoid having kids expect to get something for an action yet at the same time recognize those that go above and beyond.

You don’t have to look too long before you catch kids doing something downright awesome!  The other day I saw a 4th grade student step up and help a guest teacher.  The teacher was filling in for a staff member that normally helped the Kindergartners in the lunch room when they get off the bus.  I was impressed at how our 4th grader lent a hand, without being asked, and even lined the kids up and got them off to their rooms.  Later in the day I pulled the student aside and talked to them about what I saw, how it helped our school, how much I appreciated their help, and how impressed I was.  My point was to let that student know that someone noticed what they had done and that it was appreciated.  Before they went back to class I slipped them a token and thanked them again.

When one of our kids receives a coin they can save it to be used at the school store (worth a quarter) or to buy popcorn on popcorn days.  Some of the kids are even planning to collect and save them instead, that I didn’t expect.

I hope you have a great month and that your family stays healthy.  I hope to see you at conferences later this month.


Sean M.

Principal – Cohasset Elementary School

Future Skills:

  • January: Respecting Differences
  • February: Random Acts of Kindness
  • March: Using Self-Control
  • April:  Having a Positive Attitude

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