Morning Release Time (Grades 2-4)

The following message includes a new privilege for students in 2nd-4th grades.

Starting Wednesday, September 30th, we will be offering our 2nd-4th grade students the option to go out in the morning for AM recess. We will follow the same process for students as they arrive. The only changes will be going outside rather than up to the library as well as the addition of 2nd grade students. Students can still eat breakfast and can choose to stay in the cafeteria rather than go outside.

A few items of note:

  • Students are to stay on the North end of the building (same as regular recess).
  • Students being dropped off by family are to enter the building using the west doors, drop off their backpack, and then go outside (they are NOT allowed to walk around the building).
  • When students leave the lunch room to go outside, they are to walk down the hallway, hang up their backpacks (possibly use the restroom) and go directly outside. Students can start going into classrooms starting at 8:10 (same as the normal time).
  • Once the kids go out they stay out until the bell/whistle is sounded.

AM Recess is a privilege and will be treated as such. Students who abuse the time will not be allowed to go outside.

On cold and/or rainy days we will follow our student handbook and students will go up to the library rather than outside (K-2 in lunchroom, 3-4 upstairs).

“Children will go outside for recess and Physical Education and after lunch unless the temperature falls below 0 degrees (including the wind chill).” –Student Handbook p.15

When winter hits, students will go upstairs and we’ll start going back outside in the Spring.

Have a great week!


Sean M.

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